Piotr i Paweł one of the biggest retail chain has choosen Property Management for SAP Business One, which is facilitating property management.

For the current service and dynamic development the dedicated module which will be configurated and provided by SUPREMIS will suport whole property management of the owned and franchized outlets.  The system will be applied within the supervision of implementing lease and sublease agreement in order to facilitate billing and cost control.Within the project the integration of workflow and accounting system is predicted.

PIP         PIP2

Piotr i Paweł Group

In the current year, Piotr and Paweł Group is celebrating the 25th anniversary of operating. The portfolio of the owned outlets accounts for more than 142 supermarkets. Each year the group dynamically develops new supermarkets around the Polish market. The stores offer a wide range of good quality products at a low price.


SUPREMIS the company which has been implementing IT project for businesses for 11 years is responsible for implementation of this property management system. SUPREMIS provides specialized and complex solution for developers, commercial property managers and owners based on Property Management for SAP Business One.  This produt has been created and developed on the bases of experience of Polish and international property market entities.