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Over 10 years of experience in implementing SAP solutions allowed the company to create a strong market position in the area of management systems. Successful implementation of SAP projects were carried out by SUPREMIS in more than 100 companies, both in Poland and abroad. SUPREMIS have strong foundation in proven methodology and project governance. To be able to offer Customers best solution SUPREMIS strongly cooperate with telecommunications, consulting services, accounting offices, infrastructure and specialized system suppliers.


As the first SAP Partner in Poland, SUPREMIS is certified in the SAP Active Quality Management Program. It confirms SUPREMIS’ steady improvements in processes of implementation and customer support.


Projects are carried out based on a proven methodology, supplemented by the experience of our team, PMI standards, the guidelines for the SAP quality management program, and the context of a specific project. The work is carried out in five stages: preparation, pre-implementation analysis, implementation of the designed solution, final preparations before launching the system, user support after the start of productive work. At each stage we work closely with the Client to prepare the optimal solution in the shortest possible time. A designated project manager ensures the proper organization and communication, and shall oversee substantive arrangements.

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