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Facility Management Program- Technical Management and Maintenance of real estate

The Facility Management program is an innovative web platform for maintaining technical real estate. Facility Management for SAP Business One allows you to automate processes related to the care of the technical condition of objects and provides control over their structure. It is a tool that enables efficient communication inside and outside the company.

Our solution for technical maintenance of real estate allows you to manage the entire facility more effectively, by receiving alerts without having to stay in the property. It simplifies the process of supervision, with access to all the information in one place for 24 hours.

Facility Management program – FUNCTIONALITY

The system supports typical issues related to real estate services. Functionality is constantly developed. It includes for ezxample:

  • Registry of real estate, premises and their equipment.
  • Data of tenants, companies involved in the service, contact persons.
    Reports and tasks management, monitoring, status assignment, communication as part of the notification service.
  • Planning and maintenance of periodic inspections, including overview calendars, work graphics.
  • Inspection cards and protocols.
  • Reporting and offering additional services.


The Facility Management program will provide you with access to information that is the basis for decisions. The system is provided by:

  • Dashboards and management indicators
  • Access to dedicated reports.
  • E-mail notifications and SMS about important events.
  • Collecting and viewing documentation in attachments form.
  • Data export to MS Excel.


Ease of administration and application development is on the cost of its subsequent operation. It is implemented through:

  • Different levels of authority, role management, for example manager, technician manager, technician, tenant
  • The ability to build dedicated functionalities
  • Integration with other systems


Portal integration with the Property Management system for SAP Business One provides additional functions, including:

  • Records of media readings and their settlement
  • Invoicing services
  • Settlement of service order costs
  • Access to detailed contract data with tenants


  • Simple and convenient user interface that simplifies daily work.
  • Transparency – thanks to the availability of various interested organizations and simple actions
  • Reasonable price – a simple sharing model and design to facilitate the inclusion of further objects and users
    Flexibility – the ability to tailor the solution to the needs of a specific customer, using built-in configuration tools


With SAP Business One, both companies specializing in maintenance of real estate on behalf of their clients, and managers carrying out these operations as part of ongoing business are gaining a tool that allows e.g.:

  • Support for current affairs (ad-hoc reports),
  • Registers: facilities, subcontractors, managers, contact persons
  • Using the calendar of inspections, equipment and installations, graphic works
  • Support for planned activities,
  • Receiving notifications: e-mail, SMS, system messages,
  • Support for reading counters and settlement of services,
  • Planning and control of real estate maintenance costs,
  • Using a web system to handle role-based submissions,
  • Collection of documentation (attachments),
  • Insight into the current holdings and documentation,
  • Better communication with tenants through a web portal,
  • Cooperation with MS Excel,
  • Easy reporting.

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